What Is Required Before A Car Is Junked In New York?

junk car removal in new york

What do we have to do when a car gets too expensive to fix or too costly to maintain? The best solution is to send your car to a junkyard, mainly just because of an eco-friendly way to remove your old car, which will be reused for metal scrap and other parts rather than just blocking the space in your garage. Well, from there, it can go to many places, like there is someone else who may be interested in purchasing the junk car or selling it to a recycling business for parts of the car. It’s important to keep in mind you can’t remove the scrap by yourself, so you have to contact a reputable junk car removal company in New York.

In this article, we’ll share essential tips with you, must follow them before making your car junked in New York. Many people don’t know about these tips which causes the loss of money. Sit back and give them a read thoroughly!

Get Documentation Done For Transferring

To save your time it’s necessary to gather the necessary documents before you scrap your vehicle. Different documents are essential, so you need to ensure you have proof of identification and address, such as a passport or license, while some also require an ID card. Not mandatory but it’s helpful if you provide any service history for the vehicle in case you have any, because you may be asked to provide proof of purchase for the vehicle.

Another main document you need is your logbook, not essential but it’s handy if you do have it. This helps in simply letting the Department of Motor Vehicles DVM know that you are no longer the legal owner of the vehicle and that it has been scrapped.

Check For Your Personal Belongings!

A car probably has several items, therefore, it is most important to take all your belongings out before junking it. Because it seems scary when you leave any personal belongings such as your office keys, credit cards, documentation, or anything else in the car before selling it.  Don’t forget to remove the junk from the trunk, seat pockets, glove compartment, and doors to ensure that you don’t miss any valuable things in the car. Even in places, you think there isn’t anything, check there too!

Remove the Registration OR License Plate

If you are planning to give your car junk, don’t forget to remove the license plate. Not only essential, even though in some states it is also a legal requirement. So, make sure you remove the license plates before you hand over your car to the junk removal company. If failure to do this before the vehicle is collected might mean you lose the registration plate, then you have to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles DVM.

Remove Valuable Pieces

The reason behind people love buying junk cars is that they can strip them for valuable parts to sell. These parts include batteries, a stereo system, wheels, alternators, and even car seats too. Before selling your junk car it’s better to take these valuable parts to sell them individually.

Well, this might make an added effort, but as a result, you can make a lot more money selling your car in pieces as compared to selling the whole car at once.

Use Up Any Remaining Fuel

In case your car is still operable, before removing it you must use up the remaining fuel. Because junkyards don’t use gas, so avoid wasting resources. Let us also mention the two advantages of siphoning the fuel: one it is an environment-friendly measure as it prevents leaks and secondly, it saves the time of the junkyard workers too, they will invest in removing the fuel.

Choose A Reliable Service

You have to choose a trusted service in New York, it’s important. By doing this it is rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands. Although, in New York, there are a huge number of companies and buyers out there today who don’t trade as honestly as they should. Hiring a company that is an Authorized Treatment Facility, means they will handle your vehicle responsibility, ethically and legally.

But here Queens Cheap Towing will offer you a fully secure service with top quotes. Not only this, we give you a hand with the paperwork.


Other than these tips there are many more, such as researching car prices and understanding the weight scale, among others. Also, all the tips that are shared above, will help you maximize your earnings from selling your junk car and help make the experience a much smoother and more enjoyable one!

If you are looking for car junkyards in New York, contact us today, we provide our services to your doorstep without any hassle!

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