Things You Do When Your Car Stolen!

Things You Do When Your Car Stolen!

First, take a few deep breaths to calm yourself! There is no guarantee whether your car will recover or not with these tips, but they are beneficial in speeding up the investigation and insurance claim process.

Contact Police Promptly:

When you get confirmed your car is stolen before anything else, call the police immediately. They will ask you for some information regarding your vehicle like license plate number, model, color or year of the car, GPS tracking code (if you have any), where you last saw or parked the car, and other information they need.

Call Your Car Insurance Company:

Keep in mind you have to claim with your insurance company within 24 hours of the theft, the information they ask, give answers as quickly as possible to fasten the procedure. Additionally, they can also want a list of personal belongings that you have in the car like a laptop, mobile phone, electronic equipment, or other legal documents. They also want a copy of the police report. That’s why it is important to file a police report before taking any other action.

Prepare Yourself For The Possibility The Vehicle May Not Be Returned:

Around the world, mostly cars are stolen for parts, so the cars are quickly dismantled and parts sold. Maybe you find your car damaged or the important parts missing, because of these circumstances, most of the stolen vehicles are found without parts.

Inspect Your Car If It’s Returned:

Carefully inspect your car when it gets returned by wearing gloves. If you find something suspicious, notify the police if you don’t want to hurt anyone.

Protected Your Vehicle In The Future

This is the most important thing to keep your vehicle safe by taking some measure steps. Now it is mandatory to install anti-theft devices, alarms, or other GPS trackers, if you are really willing to protect your car from touching thieves again.

How To Protect Personal Belongings

Claim a file as soon as possible to cover your personal belongings or documents, because they can’t get covered by car insurance. To avoid any kind of major fraud you have to claim a file for them.

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